Stress test using Apache Bench

Load testing example using Apache Bench (ab) to POST JSON to an API
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Finished the Clean Code and Clean Architecture, written by Uncle Bob. Both of the books are worth reading for every Software Engineers. SOLID is one of the core concepts focused over there. As the people say that writing down helps to grasp the concepts better, that’s why this post. It’s completely conceptual based on my understanding. There is no way to explain the SOLID in a single post but still, I’m noting down the gist to clarify my thoughts which would be beneficial for myself in future. I would strongly advocate reading the books if you haven’t already.
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Few useful MySQL queries

I had kept this post private for few years. Recently realised that I visit this article quite frequently and update more often. It combines different SQL query types e.g. Update multiple rows with different values, Identify/ Fix rows which consist invalid dates, Explain query warnings or Check DB size etc. This article follows MySQL query patterns; should be almost compatible with other RDBMS too. If you get your hands dirty with SQL queries regularly, check this out, I think you will find out few queries useful for you too.
BTW, as they say itdilbert
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Ubuntu: convert an MKV to AVI

Meisha, just like me, is a fan of Tom and Jerry. I have a good collection of Tom and Jerry videos. The only problem was all those videos are in mkv format and she had to open her laptop to watch those videos every time. I realised the need to convert all of those videos to avi format so that they can be played from the TV. Wrote a bash script to do the conversion for me. Used xargs for parallel processing; ultimately there is a good number of videos and time is precious. That’s all. Check out here, if you have any requirement of such conversion.
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2017 Year in review : flashback 2017

Question: Why I’m writing this? Who will be interested to know how I spent a year?
Answer: Writing for myself, no one else. I have set up a target to review every year at the end of that year to prepare myself for the next year accordingly. It’s important to admit failures, learn from them, prioritise issues to fix ASAP; equally important is to celebrate the successful achievements. I’m quite desperate to get a better version of myself. Most of us have heard the old saying that- “emotional, physical and mental changes that seem to occur in approximate seven-year intervals“. And these are the steps towards that. That’s the sole purpose of this post. Yeah, I know, kinda selfish, but that’s how the world is!
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