Handling multiple requests using cURL in parallel

Without thread, parallelism is incomplete. Multithreading​ in PHP with pthreads:


pthreads is an Object Orientated API that allows user-land multi-threading in PHP. It includes all the tools you need to create multi-threaded applications targeted at the Web or the Console. PHP applications can create, read, write, execute and synchronize with Threads, Workers and Threaded objects.

The issue is with this is a PECL extension. Not bundled in PHP library by default yet.

pthreads releases are hosted by PECL and the source code by » github, the easiest route to installation is the normal PECL route.

So now the question is there any minimal alternative to achieve the goal?
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Kolkata- The City of Joy

It’s Kolkata, here, I was born and lived up to my early twenty. Many a time my outstation friends ask me how Kolkata is unique to other cities? What are the unique things that made Kolkata proud? What are Kolkata’s heritage? Why bengalis are so proud about their culture? Why Kolkata is even a metro city? Is there anything that we should know/ see when we are visiting there?

Long list to answer! Try to respond as much factual it can be. But always thought to answer in little bit detail, tried to express the unique flavor. Ultimately it’s about my city, my tilottama. Unlike other metros, we don’t take pride about shopping malls or multiplexes. We also have those but Kolkata’s flavor can’t be judged so easily. So here is the post; why Kolkata is completely unique-
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