43 thoughts on “Auto login to broadband internet portal using router

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  2. My Netgear N300 JWNR2000v2 is not behaving as expected. Despite selecting “always on” mode, it is not able to login many of the times.
    I am really tired of “No internet” exclamation symbol. If I simply open the router page and say test connection, it starts working again.
    Do you have any idea why this might be happening? Other users of BBNL are not facing this issue.


  3. Its worked for me. But speed is reduced to 10mbps. Tried factory reset, Firmware update. Nothing help. If i directly plug the ACT cable to PC, i can get 75mbps speed.


    • I guess that’s a default per device data transfer limitation implemented at the router level. Double check the router config. If you don’t find any config level setting for the same, raise a ticket with your network provider.


  4. This is not working on SITI cable net in Kolkata. I think the issue is because we are using Static IP. Any way to achieve the same functionality using static ip’s? I am using a TP-Link router.


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  6. Dude, I followed all the steps. It’s working only in my PC. When I connect to the wifi network and try to open any webpage, it isn’t working. What am I missing in my mobile configuration?


    • If automatic re-connection failures only when you’re using mobile then the issue must be there. Else it would be reproduced when you’re using PC too. But it’s not that. So the issue lies with your mobile to wifi connectivity.

      Clear cache, delete existing wifi connection from mobile and re-connect.

      Now check your login status from the portal home page.


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