MySQLdump to CSV

There are situations when we need to migrate data from one database to another. For example, I’d some unit tests for which I need to use SQLite with minimal data set replicated from production DB. Loading fixtures was not that easy option due to some chained interdependent calls.

There are many open sourced available scripts which converts MySQL data to SQLite compatible data. But there are some common issues with most of them

    1. Script assumes that all the data from table needs to be migrated. That’s not practical enough when you have a table with million of rows.
    2. Script assumes primary key of the table is auto-incremented. It’s not the case always!

So I took the most convenient option- dump the minimal set of data into CSV and then load the same to SQLite. This approach is practical and suitable enough to work in any situations, irrespective of the databases e.g. MySQL, Oracle or SQLite.

So CSV is there. Now it’s easy enough to load into any database.


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