Gmail Canned Responses: automatically send emails using filters

There are some emails where I’d like to thank the sender immediately after receiving them. Also, there are emails which I’d like to filter to my `To Read` directory and reply back with a formal message. Eventually, there are also some emails which I want to ignore completely and would like to let them know that I’d never solicited this kind of message from them. I’ve automated this entire process.
Canned Responses from Gmail lab is the ideal one for users like me. Google’s description of this feature-

Email for the truly lazy. Save and then send your common messages using a button next to the compose form. Also automatically send emails using filters.

  • Settings -> Labs -> Enable Canned Responses

Enable Canned Response

  • Drafted an email which will be replied automatically to the certain group of users or specific email patterns. Saved that email as New canned response. Save option is available under “More options” from the composing form itself.

Unsolicited email is not permitted at this address; 
immediately remove the address from which this email was sent from any mailing lists you may be using. Your address has been recorded automatically.

Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:
Technical details of permanent failure:
SMTP Error 550 5.7.1 Rejected, your address is blacklisted by the recipient.

  • Created filter to match specific email patterns or to respond specific users with the above response

filter to match specific email patterns

That’s all to create an automated reply to those unsolicited emails whenever they target my email id. The same logic I’ve applied to different email categories. Automation is good, thanks to Google!


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