2017 Year in review : flashback 2017

Question: Why I’m writing this? Who will be interested to know how I spent a year?
Answer: Writing for myself, no one else. I have set up a target to review every year at the end of that year to prepare myself for the next year accordingly. It’s important to admit failures, learn from them, prioritise issues to fix ASAP; equally important is to celebrate the successful achievements. I’m quite desperate to get a better version of myself. Most of us have heard the old saying that- “emotional, physical and mental changes that seem to occur in approximate seven-year intervals“. And these are the steps towards that. That’s the sole purpose of this post. Yeah, I know, kinda selfish, but that’s how the world is!
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Python: parallelism using multiprocessing and multithreading

Have been working with Python since last few months. Was building some small modules. Quite excited about my new learnings. Recently I’d developed a distributed parallel data import process by following the generic Pub-Sub pattern. Earlier I’d published a 3 tier design of the same, developed using PHP. Comparative to that, it’s a simpler 2 tier design and this time I developed the process using Python. Have used multiprocessing and multithreading to achieve parallelism.
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