bash: Trap error and exit

I’ve been working with a bash script which monitors different processes. If it detects any error then trigger alert and exit. While working there, I noticed there are different ways to do this e.g. set and trap
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Insurance premium reminder: Another step to my automated reminder service

I already had set up a reminder process using which I get periodic notification to back up my data. This time I applied the same thought along with email reminder for my due insurance premiums. It’s true that insurance providers send a reminder SMS/ email just before the due date, but I’ve had the experience when their SMS gateway was jammed due to heavy traffic and I got reminder post one month of my due date! So better to be safe than sorry. I kept those due dates in my reminder service.
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Anacron for specific user

Few days ago I was working to set up a backup reminder process for myself. After having few searches I observed anacron fits the best to solve my requirement- sending notification at certain frequency and at my availability too. The issue is sytem’s default /etc/anacrontab by default works for root user. We can execute a job for other users too by adding new group and user to the same. When I did that I saw though the execution time has been logged successfully but that job was silently failing to notify me. So I left that approch and setup a separate anacron instance to run for my profile.
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