Get back non-detected USB storage

While formatting my USB storage, my laptop shut down due to out of battery. From the very next time, OS was not recognising and mounting the device. Worst case was the storage was not getting fixed by the Disk Utility also. So the last option was using the command line. Have recovered my device by following this-
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Ubuntu: convert an MKV to AVI

Meisha, just like me, is a fan of Tom and Jerry. I have a good collection of Tom and Jerry videos. The only problem was all those videos are in mkv format and she had to open her laptop to watch those videos every time. I realised the need to convert all of those videos to avi format so that they can be played from the TV. Wrote a bash script to do the conversion for me. Used xargs for parallel processing; ultimately there is a good number of videos and time is precious. That’s all. Check out here, if you have any requirement of such conversion.
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2017 Year in review : flashback 2017

Question: Why I’m writing this? Who will be interested to know how I spent a year?
Answer: Writing for myself, no one else. I have set up a target to review every year at the end of that year to prepare myself for the next year accordingly. It’s important to admit failures, learn from them, prioritise issues to fix ASAP; equally important is to celebrate the successful achievements. I’m quite desperate to get a better version of myself. Most of us have heard the old saying that- “emotional, physical and mental changes that seem to occur in approximate seven-year intervals“. And these are the steps towards that. That’s the sole purpose of this post. Yeah, I know, kinda selfish, but that’s how the world is!
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Gmail Canned Responses: automatically send emails using filters

There are some emails where I’d like to thank the sender immediately after receiving them. Also, there are emails which I’d like to filter to my `To Read` directory and reply back with a formal message. Eventually, there are also some emails which I want to ignore completely and would like to let them know that I’d never solicited this kind of message from them. I’ve automated this entire process. Continue reading

Install Skype on Ubuntu 16.04

I use Skype regularly for video calling. It works excellent even when I call from my cell phone. Nowadays there are several other applications are available too for video calling. But still now I’ve found Skype is the best to handle noise and consistent during longer calls.

Recently I’d upgraded my OS to Ubuntu 16.04. As Skype is not available in Ubuntu repository so again I was looking for the Skype installation details. Hence just to make good use of my time on the next iteration- here is the post. Continue reading

Transformation from NetBeans to Sublime Text

No, I’m not that vi or Emacs fan. I use vim only when I have to debug something from terminal. I was using Netbeans since longtime. It’s a great IDE. The only major problem is it consumes memory too much. Moreover last few years I’ve been writing bash scripts frequently. Sometimes I had to check in some old Ruby codes. And nowadays for some modules I’m probably going to use Python. So to meet my customized requirements finally I concluded to switch to a lightweight editor. After brief encounters with different other editors, I soon found Sublime Text and have been using it ever since. Its real power comes from the ability to enhance its functionality using Package Control and creating custom settings.
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Insurance premium reminder: Another step to my automated reminder service

I already had set up a reminder process using which I get periodic notification to back up my data. This time I applied the same thought along with email reminder for my due insurance premiums. It’s true that insurance providers send a reminder SMS/ email just before the due date, but I’ve had the experience when their SMS gateway was jammed due to heavy traffic and I got reminder post one month of my due date! So better to be safe than sorry. I kept those due dates in my reminder service.
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