Setup remote Git repository

Have started working on another experimental project. This project is specifically for my learning purpose. I’m trying to automate few of my regular tasks. The same way I resolved earlier Reminder service or Automatically send emails using filters or Auto login to internet portal etc. Would like to tag these as ‘food for thought’. Will come back to new project details in a few months. This time I’m thinking in some broader aspect. To initiate that, the very first step is to set up its configuration properly. That is the reason behind this post. Continue reading


Gmail Canned Responses: automatically send emails using filters

There are some emails where I’d like to thank the sender immediately after receiving them. Also, there are emails which I’d like to filter to my `To Read` directory and reply back with a formal message. Eventually, there are also some emails which I want to ignore completely and would like to let them know that I’d never solicited this kind of message from them. I’ve automated this entire process. Continue reading

Install Skype on Ubuntu 16.04

I use Skype regularly for video calling. It works excellent even when I call from my cell phone. Nowadays there are several other applications are available too for video calling. But still now I’ve found Skype is the best to handle noise and consistent during longer calls.

Recently I’d upgraded my OS to Ubuntu 16.04. As Skype is not available in Ubuntu repository so again I was looking for the Skype installation details. Hence just to make good use of my time on the next iteration- here is the post. Continue reading

Supervisord: Parallel child process spawning and monitoring

Supervisord is a simple and popular choice for process monitoring. Supervisord‘s primary purpose is to create and manage processes based on data in its configuration file. It does this by creating subprocesses. Each subprocess spawned by supervisor is managed for the entirety of its lifetime by supervisord. Continue reading