Ubuntu: convert an MKV to AVI

Meisha, just like me, is a fan of Tom and Jerry. I have a good collection of Tom and Jerry videos. The only problem was all those videos are in mkv format and she had to open her laptop to watch those videos every time. I realised the need to convert all of those videos to avi format so that they can be played from the TV. Wrote a bash script to do the conversion for me. Used xargs for parallel processing; ultimately there is a good number of videos and time is precious. That’s all. Check out here, if you have any requirement of such conversion.
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Send email from local system: sSMTP

Setting up an entire email server is not required to avail some basic email features. To send email from localhost system, sSMTP i.e. Simple SMTP is enough and installation is also very easy compared to setting up a Mail Transfer Agent.
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