There are lots of things, I wish to do someday. The list is infinite and the counter will increase periodically to keep it updated.

BTW, there is no deadline for few things and the list is in random order. Let me know if any interest matches with you; I’d love to get a call/ email for any of these anytime. Oh yes, if you would like to gift me a book someday, then here is the immediate reading list, I’ve scheduled.

  • Gain expertise in different languages, at least 2-3; in proper depth. Only after that will use the term polyglot programmer. Working here.
  • Someday I’ll start blogging. [Started on Dec 2014 ✔]
  • Improve communication skill much more (literally, it’s called explanation skill). This point should be categorised as “Situation that contains assumptions“, but practical enough for me to put it here.
  • Finish up reading CLRS. [3rd attempt is going on…]
  • Would like to visit Kashmir. [Done in Feb 2013. It’s “The Paradise on Earth”, indeed. ✔]
  • Been to Kashmir. Have a strong wish to visit Ladakh; by road via Kashmir.
  • Riding a Helicopter, with my wife. I’d to mention about her; otherwise, there is a possibility that she could throw me off from there.
  • Would like to visit Goa to check out why people are so mad about this place. [Done in Aug 2014. ✔]
  • International trips- specifically to London and Zurich, or to Greece, Italy etc. Not a professional one, must be a holiday with family.
  • Get back old reading habit which I’d left at the age of 20. By then I had 2 almirahs full of books; donated later to libraries. Nowadays stuck to read only technology books or articles. [Ticking off in September 2017. Since January, have finished 5 books, including “A Thousand Splendid Suns” by Khaled Hosseini, which I wished to read a long time back. ✔]
  • Seen B. R. Chopra’s Mahabharat series twice. Very much inspired to read the entire Mahabharata someday, though really not quite sure when I’ll be able to do it!
  • Would like to find the answer to “Where do you want to see yourself after 10 years?“. I’m yet to get the satisfactory answer on that. 10 years is a long time; Maybe I should focus on next 5 years.

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